Viral Video – Top 10 celebrities Viral Wardrobe Malfunctions On Live TV

Viral Video

Accidental exposure of a person’s private part is known as a wardrobe malfunction and the video of this malfunction become Viral Video in the whole world. And it is different from indecent exposure or flashing as the latter are deliberate, although on Live TV some “malfunctions” are alleged to have been planned. And in the media industry there has been a long history of such incidents.

At first Justin Timberlake used the term referring to the Super Bowl XXXVIII halftime show controversy, and issuing a scripted apology at the 2004 Garmmy Awards. To refer to the incident and has entered pop culture, the phrase “wardrobe malfunction” has since used by the media.


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All the designers and stylists in the world cannot always protect a celebrity from this wardrobe whoops.

Here we collect the video of Top 10 Celebrities most shocking and embarrassing Wardrobe Malfunctions that caught on different Live TV programs.


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Viral Video

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In 1997, one wardrobe malfunction occurred on The Price Is Right, which become reported on that time. And it was involving contestant Yolanda Bowersley, though such incidents were not called by that name at that time.


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