Alexis Texas: Before She Was Famous in The Porn Industry

Alexis Texas

Alexis Texas

Alexis Texas was considered to have the best booty in the business for a cute white girl. Alexis Texas was born in panama but raised in Texas. She was born on May 25th 1985 n Thea Alexis Samper. She born at a military base in Panama and she was raised in a small town near San Antonio. And she has come a long way since then. She was growing up as a pretty well behaved and claims that she did not even masturbate as a youth.

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She was an undercover freak and rumor has it that she would hold bra removal tutorials in her high school for her male friends.

Alexis Texas

When she was 17 years old she ever had sex for the first time with her prom date and she states it was not fun at all. And in the next she was even more awkward with a guy popping her cherry and there being blood everywhere. In the 3rd time it was a little better and in the 4th time it was a success and from three things started getting better and then she was hooked.

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She claim that she never opted for one night stand but always had a man on speed dial and was addicted to sex.

Alexis Texas

In the year of 2007 she moved to LA and began appearing in higher profile productions like Alexis Texas is Buttwoman, Blonde Ambition, Slam it, in a young Whore and Tease before the Please 2. And her rise was so rapid that in 2008 a film was made titled “Discovering Alexis Texas.” And this film was raised her profile considerably.

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And in the rest of her story, she has her own production company, so now we could say that in her life things are going pretty well.


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